Kolkata witnessed its first imminent stars of the gaming community with the beginning of CSGO at the JMD gaming zone, the only place where “professional gaming” got a new dimension in Kolkata. High end systems were a huge requirement in organizing and upholding these high rated games which were in dearth in Kolkata. So after the launch of CSGO in India in 2012, Kolkata was far back in the list to have one centre to host. JMD Pro gaming zone hosted the 1st ever tournament of the long awaited Counter Strike Global Offence in my game parlor. It was the first of its kind in Kolkata. My aim was to unite the minds of best C.S 1.6 players in Kolkata, make them more professional in this gaming world and give them the exposure both nationally and internationally so that people do not under-estimate the professional gamers of the city of joy. It was my initiative that made the players united and in the very 1st go competed in the national level online tournament (Razor Cup) in 2013 to secure a diligent 3rd position. Today players all across the state approach the honest soul to organize a tournament of the CSGO, the upgraded version of C.S 1.6.

The feathers of success of my professional CSGO teams JMD Gaming and JMD Origin being a fundamental part of it are as follows:

#1st Position, Spring Summer Cup Season 1, Kolkata (IW)

#1st Position, Clan Wars Tournament, Kolkata (IW)

#1st Position, Innovación 2016, Institute of Engineering Management, Kolkata

#2nd Position, Tranzeneca Gaming League 2015, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

#3rd Position, EDGE 2015, Techno India Salt Lake, Kolkata

#3rd Position, Phoenix 2015, Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata

#3rd Position, GG Network India IndiGO January CS:GO Tournament 2015

#1st Position, Integration Ground Zero CS:GO Tournament 2015 , Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

#1st Position, East India Free2Play CS:GO Tournament 2014, Kolkata

#2nd Position, AnimusGS Game Pyramid CS:GO Tournament 2013

#3rd Position, Razor Pro-Gs CS:GO Tournament 2013 (1st national level online tournament)