Being a photographer feels to be nice, because you get to capture very skillfully objects of nature, other moments so that it can be cherished later on after the moments are gone. To be frank and honest about myself, I am not a professional photographer with much training or even an artist but from the very childhood I had enthusiasm towards photography.

With the passage of time this enthusiasm became crazy passion that has actually brought me to this stage. As a photographer I believe that the visual aesthetics is equally imperative as the poignant substance for any ideal click. Each and every element looks different more or less me when I see the world as a photographer. Moreover I travel frequently to places where the unspoken, serene beauty of the mountains verbalizes, where the lively beauty of the seas lay open. To quench my thirst of photography I have made my life somewhat alike a nomad to the extent that along with the nature, that photographer instinct also calls me out to reach the visual satisfaction.

The most exhilarating aspect in relation to street photography is that some indisputable, adoring and crazy moments can be captured when you lurk in streets and lanes for your shots and the camera equipped.