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Instagram Launches First Stage of IGTV Monetization Along With Live Badges

IGTV finally makes an announcement for content creators. It is going to be a strong move for IGTV as it is going to enable monetization for many content creators. Recently Facebook and Instagram introduced shopping options in the Facebook community and now IGTV is all set to give strong competition to Google with new monetization option.

In IGTV ads will be shown and monetized for big brands in the initial stage. Only 200 content creators are eligible for now. According to Justin Osofsky, COO of Instagram – content creator will get 55% cut.

For now IGTV is having two types of monetization options

  • Ads
  • Badges

IGTV has given indication that it will be extended to shopping option in future. Badges will be sold through Instagram Live and it will be tested by Instagram in next couple of weeks. There are three different types of badges available, ranging in price from $0.99 to $4.99. When someone purchased a badge it will be shown in front of a user’s name and their comments will be populated than others.

Instagram ads will be seen only after clicking away from the feed preview to view the full-screen version.

The ads will be last up to 15 seconds and not more than that.

It is expected to get some additional features after few next couple of months, such as the feature of skipping ads.

Instagram has a very strong monetization policy for content creators which is much stricter than the existing content policy.

Formats cannot be any of the following:

  • Static videos
  • Static image polls
  • Slideshows of images
  • Continuously looping videos
  • Text montages
  • Embedded ads

Categories that touch on any of the following categories in an inflammatory or discriminatory matter will also be prohibited, including:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Politics
  • Ethnicity
  • Disabilities
  • Sexual orientation
  • Economic class
  • Religion
  • Immigration

There will be third party fact checking for contents to prevent misinformation. If the content is about medical information with unauthorized statement then it will be verified as misleading information and got banned.

Let’s see how YouTube is going to handle this challenge and what would be the next from YouTube. Will YouTube update the algorithm and policy to get more traffic or it will continue with existing algorithms?